The Romans

Well done Izzy and Annabel for your extra investigations into the Romans. We enjoyed finding out your facts about Roman currency. It is great to see you finding out more facts at home as well as school. We are very impressed!

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Well done Ruby!!

A big well done to Ruby for her enterprise skills to raise money for the cat and dog shelter. Ruby made and sold loom bands to buy food to support the animals. Well done Ruby, we are very proud of your hard work!

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My play ground

The football comfdently skidded across the ground
while the basketball was jumping in the basketball hoop.                                           Tenis balls flying back and forward nervously.                                              Hool hoops spinning round and round feeling sick.

Benches complaining because of people sitting on him.                             Skipping ropes chatting to the other handle.                                                 Tires fed up of people standing on them.                                                     The peace garden sun baving in the sun.

My classroom

The iPads played music crazily,

The drawers ran backwards and forwards,

The pencil danced happily,

The whiteboards eroded exitedley as the clocks moved there hands busily

The scissors wiggled through the paper silently,

The homework quickly wrote the questions on the paper,

The computer bravely chatted to the coding master.

By Ananya

My classroom

                                                                                                                       Pens skated across the floor.

The timer howeld”time is up!” as the kids packed away.

The books chatted and listened to the radio                                       which answered all the questions.

The rulers yelled sadly “we’ve been snapped”.

The carpet gripped the floor as if in a storm.

Ipads on tables blinked on and off

While the homework was as hard as algebra.

By Stewart



My school

Toilets angrily flushing because children forget to flush.                               The pencils joyfully dancing along the child’s page.                                   The scissors snapping mischievously at drawers which slammed furiously.                                                                                                               Doors angrily open and close.                                                                       School dinners gobbling themselves up.                                                     School radio playing when no one is listening.                                         Classrooms talking among each other.                                                              Maths books chatting telling each other what their child has done.     Glasses putting themselves on children’s faces while a white board pen happily writes on the white board.